Will Be Back Soon...

Dear BSMC users,

On tuesday, our website was defaced by multiple staff members, including but not limited to... OhYeah55, T0R, Java, and kittykat.


WifiSpy, and a few loyal users will be restoring BlackSpigotMC to a backup, and fixing the damages.


Although blackspigot WILL be weakened from this betrayal of trust, we WILL rise up stronger, and better.


The staff members who left us were angry that WifiSpy had not shared profits from BSMC with them, however there were no proceeds to share, as Wifi was putting them all back into the website.


To us, BlackSpigot has always been a non profit project.

Our goal was, and still is to put leaks out there for the community, and to help up-and-coming server owners.

The site will be back up soon, and we hope our community can come back to keep the site going!

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